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Five Up And Coming Tech Companies Worth Watching In 2014

Five Up And Coming Tech Companies Worth Watching In 2014

One of the most exciting things about living in the 21st century is the abundance of technology that influences our lives. The tech world is constantly in motion, and technology roughly doubles in sophistication every couple of years. With all of the advancements constantly being created, there are many exciting tech companies on the rise. Here is a look at five up and coming tech companies to watch in 2014.
1. First Solar

One of the fastest growing tech areas over the next few decades will be alternative energy. First Solar was incorporated in 1999, and the Tempe, Arizona company has quickly risen to the top ranks of the country’s leading makers of solar panels. They have become the first company to create solar panels that are able to produce energy that costs just $1 per watt, which makes it financially competitive with conventional energy sources.

2. Neutral Tandem

As anyone who hasn’t been living in a cave in the last few years is well aware, the explosion of wireless computing devices like tablet computers and smartphones has been incredible. With this explosion of mobile devices, the Chicago company Neutral Tandem has been able to reap financial windfalls with its digital switching technology that allows data to be seamlessly transferred between wireless and wired networks. Their technology is used by all the major digital providers in the country.

3. DoubleDutch

This Bay Area mobile event app creator has come up with the world’s first event app. Their fabulous event app allows event hosts to interact with attendees in all kinds of interesting manners. They can keep them informed about everything that is going on at the event, and the DoubleDutch event app can be used with mobile devices running iOS and Android. Event coordinators can use data gathered during an event to fine tune it to make it even more rewarding for attendees.

4. Illumina

The world of biotechnology is one of the most exciting realms that will see tremendous growth as the 21st century marches forward. The world of genetic analysis is one of the most promising for continued medical advances. The San Diego company Illumina is poised to make great strides in 2014 as its equipment and software used for genetic analysis continues to be employed by more scientists around the world.

5. Rackspace Hosting

It is no secret that the Internet has been the most important tech advancement of the last 20 years. The continued growth of the Web means that there are still plenty of opportunities for growth online. Two of the fastest growing areas are web hosting and website design, both of which Rackspace Hosting excels at. They have grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years, and they are poised to have another big year in 2014. They are also expanding their business into cloud computing, which will give them a foothold in one of the biggest growth in the online world.

These five companies are all poised to have exciting, profitable years in 2014. They will continue to develop exciting technology and to expand the growth of their current technologies. There is no telling what direction technology will take in the future. Keep a close eye on these important tech companies to stay abreast of the most recent developments.

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